Minor Threat

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Basement @ Rad Bar, Wollongong - 28/7/14

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Constant state of loop’d

Old 5AM Thoughts.

This goes out to the man who doesn’t notice me at all.

Time and time again,

have I gone out of my way to impress you,

to get your attention for more than our brief acknowledging “hello“‘s.

I desperately want you to realise,

how hard I have attempted to get you to notice me,

even just for the smallest of moments.

I know you never will read this,

nor will you ever find out these feelings,

because it is all just wishful thinking and,

stupid puppy love.

Until our next short encounter,

this goes out to you.

This goes out to the man who doesn’t notice me at all.

Anonymous said: I'm in love with you

Are you now? You sure?

PS love is a heavy word.


Trophy Eyes (The Brightside - Brisbane, QLD)

P: Demi Cambridge



indianapolis, in


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cynicalmushroom said: Which city/state are you coming to?

Ah the plan is to go to New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Not sure if I’m visiting anywhere else this time around!

Looks like I’m going to be in America in March :-))

Anonymous said: You are pretty

Thankyou very much.


Turnstile on flickr.

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Take me back to when I went on tour for Basement. 
I just want to relive that week and have us all never leave Melbourne.



Code Orange Kids.

band/tattoo blog i follow back similar

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Joyce Manor

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