Just annoyed as fuck.

When will people realise that your lifestyle choices are yours for a reason?

You do not have to tell anyone of your beliefs and ways you live your life.
If you are one of those people who actually go out there and practice what you preach, then hats off to you, I respect you. 

But if you’re going to sit on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even on here, and whinge about how something is so unfair and how we should all be living the way you do, then I do not respect you. I respect your lifestyle decisions, but not you.

If you believe in something, go fucking do something to help your cause. It’s not that hard. And if you’re going to tell me you don’t have “time” then fuck, instead of writing that essay on Facebook as to why everyone should be vegan/a feminist/etc then how about you get off your motherfuckin’ ass and go do something about it.
Because trust me, those hundreds of friends you have on Facebook? They’ve already seen you post similar statuses; 7 times in the last 3 days. Go inform new people, ones who wouldn’t know about it. Talk to adults, find out other people’s views. 

I am also so completely over how so many girls claim feminism, but then if a girl who comes along and doesn’t a) believe as strongly b) doesn’t care, they completely rip her to shreds.

I’m sorry, but how the FUCK does that help anyone?

I have seen males try learn about feminism because they are truly interested, but girls again, knock them down. People that are like this, are called fucking bullies, and sorry to break it to you, but you are a bully if you do that. I do not care if you are a feminist or not, you live that life girl, but if you’re going to bully someone for not having the same way of thinking as you, or because they’re a male, then you need to rethink some things.

Like I said earlier, I respect everyone’s lifestyle choices, even if they don’t respect mine. But for fucks sake people, stop shoving it down my throat at every possible opportunity.

I am eager to learn, so if you actually would like to talk to me about anything I’ve said/inform me of stuff, do so in a polite manner and I’ll be happy to listen and talk about it.


Anonymous said: You'll never know who I am.

Ok lol

Anonymous said: I'm so fucking pathetically in love with you.

So who are you then?