especially when it comes to you
I wish I wasn’t
but it wouldn’t matter
because I’m here waiting
and you’re already
long gone

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Anonymous said: Are you in Brisbane right now!? Cause I am, we should hang!!

I’m in Byron, driving to Brisbane in an hour or so!

Anonymous said: I'll take you to dinner one day, I want to sweep you of your feet and be everything you need and want, I want to always be there for you.

Who are you?

Anonymous said: My attraction to you has become infinitely stronger every day

That’s a lovely thing to say, thankyou.
Who are you?

zooman5150 said: I like your shit!

Haha thankyou!

Merch girl for the Neck Deep / State Champs tour ayooo

external-gate said: Dude thats so fried aye fuck man, dreams like that are so weird!!!

They’re super weird haha.

It’s been like, every night for the past fortnight that this person has been the centre of attention in my dream and it’s super confusing because they’re not even a close friend or anything.

I’ve been having dreams about this one person I know and the dream is never anything exciting but it’s just a strange person to have as a main focus every night. Hmm.


teen suicide @philamoca, march 1, 2014

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Minor Threat

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Basement @ Rad Bar, Wollongong - 28/7/14

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Constant state of loop’d